За нас

За нас

OG Streetwear, footwear & skateboarding shop, founded in 2008 in downtown Sofia. Offers brands such as FALLEN, NIKE SB, VANS, Thrasher, Diamond Supply Co., Grizzly, Crooks & Castles, HUF, Primitive, SK8MAFIA, Polar, Nomad, Thunder, Venture, Spitfire, Bones ,AMBASSADORS,THEEVE trucks,ThanYou Skateboards,F.S.C.,GIRL,CHOCOLATE,MYSTERY,
BLOK offers a great selection of local brands such as STINKY Socks, 45 Street, СОФТ, Vitosha Skateboards, and it produces it's own merchandise under BLOK & Sofia Division.

BLOK supports the BLOK BOYS team of riders: https://www.facebook.com/BLOKBOYS.BG/

Blok Night Project

BLOK NIGHT PROJECT Produced by BLOK Supply Co. Filmed by Veliko Balabanov Edited by Veliko Balabanov IG: @veliko.balabanov / ( https://www.instagram.com/veliko.balabanov/ ) Blok IG : bloksypplyco / ( https://www.instagram.com/bloksupplyco/ )